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Lanciano is a very beautiful mediaeval small city which dates back to 1098 B.C. Lanciano still maintains its unique character and warmth as a typical real Italian city. The city is based on rolling hills which steadily grow higher as you head towards to the mountain. In Lanciano there are a wide range of shops, restaurants, coffee bars and modern amenities such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, shopping centres, bingo theatres, football stadium, etc. There are also some unique historical and architectural buildings and churches and there is a world famous Eucharistic miracle housed in Lanciano.
Ortona is famous for its history and monuments (aragonese castle) both survived the last world war. Ortona is also one of the best-loved resorts on the Chieti Coast, well equipped with bathing establishments. Ortona has also a commercial port the most important in Abruzzo that can be seen from the "Passeggiata Orientale", a striking road on one of the sides of the headland on which the town stands . In Ortona it is possible to spend a day on broad a fishing boat, where you can help the crew, plunge in Adritatic sea, sun bathe on the bridge and have lunch other sights are "Eremo d'Annunziano", Majella mountain and some characteristic Adriatic beaches.
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Roccascalegna Castle
Roccascalegna is a small town situated at 455 meters above sea level, midway between the mountains and the sea. Drive through "Fondo Valle Sangro", the Sangro Valley and admire the sight of the castle, rising like a precious jewel encased inside the green hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation. The special feature of Roccascalegna is its castle rising on a rock of limestone, which is connected to a bloody event: the murder of the most cruel, devil-like, violent baron of the castle, Corvo de Corvis, killed by the people of the village in his own castle. Historically, the Baron was at times identified with Annibale Corvi or with Carrafa family, but in truth his existence is enveloped in the legendary mist of past times. 
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Bomba Lake
The lake is almost 2 km from the village and it can be reached via the Sangro Valley. In the last stretch of this steep road there is a very charming view. In fact it almost seems that one is gliding into the lake´s water.
The basin is not particularly deep near the tributary, (not far from Villa S.Maria ) and its waters are of good quality making it an ideal habitat for many kinds of fish. Examples of fish to be found in the lake are; Chubs, "Carassi", Carps, Royal Perches, "Scardole", Bleaks, Tenches, Catfish, Eels, Iridic Trouts and Trouts coming from the tributary. These species are numerous and many are a good size. The lake is a beautiful tourist place with the Tourist Centre "Isola Verde."
The tourist centre is a good welcoming place, characterized by a big restaurant, camping area, sports facilities and night entertainments. There is also an unusual swimming pool surrounded by the greenery of the trees with a backdrop of the lake and its surrounding mountains In the summertime it is possible to enjoy boat races, wind-surfing, boat trips, pedalò trips and many other interesting activities on the lake. It is also important to remember that Bomba´s lake will host the water sports competitions of the Mediterranean´s Games in Pescara 2009.
San martino gorges, River verde, Civitella Messer Raimondo and lake S.Angelo
You can start from Fara San Martino which is one of the Italian capitals of pasta production. A small town at the foot of the eastern slope of the Majella, a splendid place where there are the pasta producers ?Del Verde? and ?De Cecco?. The small town preserves in the old side, the ruins of towers and walls. From del Verde springs it?s possibile to admire the San Martino gorges from which stars a path to cover on foot. In August you can witness a spectacular display of fireworks in the San Martino gorges. In front of Fara San Martino perched on top of a hill there is Civitella Messer Raimondo. The village offers a different landscape in every season, characterized by a stunning naturlistic background.
The landscape offers also a lake view : Sant'Angelo, great for fishing.
To see: Medieaval castle, old walls of the town, S.Salvatore church and lake S.Angelo
"Cavallone" cave and natural springs "Acque vive"
If you want to spend a day surrounded by natural beauty, the Majella Orientale is the right place. The Majella is one of the most beautiful and most impressive parts of the Abruzzo mountains. The whole area is protected by the Majella National Park. It is popular among climbers and mountaineers. You can start by visiting the Cavallone cave which is located in a valley near Lama Dei Peligni. Surrounded by steep and rocky mountains, the area is really alpine, there is even a cable car which is used to get to the cave. The ride on the open cable car is rather impressive. The lift travels to the northwest, which is a high mass of limestone cliffs and to the southeast a much lower hillcountry. At the foot of the mountain is a deep valley with some villages built on top of the hills. Both sides of the valley where the cable car is built in, are of limestone full of caves. At the end of the ride, you can see the huge entrance of the ?Grotta del Cavallone? on the right side. The upper station of the cable car contains a small restaurant and cafe with an impressive view from the veranda. Here a very good track, nearly a single lane road starts. It leads to the foot of the cliff below the cave. From there a roofed flight of stairs leads up to the cave entrance. The cave is very impressive in both size and beauty. It is different to other caves, with much less speleothems on the walls, which is probably a result of the altitude and the corresponding temperatures.
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