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Fresh Tri-color Pasta The base for all first course Italian meals. Learn how to make plain, tomato and spinach pasta with no artificial colouring
 Real Tomato Passata: Tomato passata made with only natural ingredients. The base ingredient for all Italian cooking. Learn how to make it from fresh tomatoes

 Cannelloni from Fresh Pasta: Cannelloni. Stuffed tubes of oven baked pasta. Your imagination can go wild when inventing your filling.
Gnocchi: Fresh Gnocchi. Small pasta shapes made out of potato and flour. You can make them yourself and see how easy they really are to make.

Lasagna: Lasagna. Every region of Italy has a different version. Oven backed pasta layers with tomato sauce and mince meat for a simple Abruzzese version.

Ravioli: Slightly more difficult cooking with Ravioli. Stuffed parcels of pasta served with tomato sauce but loved by everybody A surprise to dinner guests when they hear you made them.
Barbeque all'Italiana: Grilling on the BBQ is not always associated with the Italians. With an Italian twist learn some tricks about how Italians cook on the barbeque in there grand style
Grilled and Fried Peppers: Peppers are in abundance through August in Abruzzo central Italy. Some ideas for some delicious meals
-Making Wine: The wine making process is one passed down the generations, with little progress and many tools being used as they were fifty years ago. Once the grapes have been picked, a messy job, they are dropped into a wooden box and passed through a tool to break them up. The grapes are then loaded into a wooden press where they have the juice squeezed out of them. The left over grapes are broken up and squeezed a second time. The juice is left in barrels and on the 11th November ready for tasting.
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