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Costa dei Trabocchi

Costa dei Trabocchi (The Trabocco Coast), Abruzzo, Central Italy

The Traboccho coast stretches from the south of Pescara to the north of Vasto. A Trabocco is a wooden fishing hut that sits in the Adriatic sea connected to the land by a, sometimes precarious looking, peer. 
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo

They are protected and unique to Abruzzo which is why this stretch of the coast is named after them. The Trabocco coastline is synonymous with clean water and natural reserves. Development is very restricted so the coast line is not dominated by ugly cement structures. The Trabocchi coast has both pebbled and sandy beaches and some beach resorts are busy and organised and others are secret, rocky coves.

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo

La Via Verde dei Trabocchi - perhaps the most beautiful cycle lane in Europe. (MAP)

Along the Trabocco coast line there is the most beautiful bicycle lane, used for walking and cycling. It boasts breath-taking sea views all the way, fresh clean air and no cars. You can walk or cycle in the sun and watch the people lying on the beach or playing in the water without any thought to traffic and pollution. Every 500 meters, there are coves with restaurants or Cafés to enjoy the seafood, ice cream or just a cold drink.

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
Francavilla al Mare is the most northerly point of the Via Verde. The closest beach south of Pescara and very busy in high season, with well organised, sandy beaches. 
In the evening through the summer, the coast “Lidos” or beach cafés offer music and entertainment. I’ve eaten one of the best hamburgers in Francavilla (Siren's Corner)!
Travelling south from Francaville, you arrive at;

The Port of Ortona
Ortona is a lively town perched high above the port. The town is dominated by the spectacular Aragonese Castle, which overlooks the sea and the port. Ortona has a long coastline and very popular, but not as commercial and well serviced as other locations. 
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
The railway line still runs along this stretch of the coast making it easy to access by train.

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
San Vito Chietino
Running south from Ortona, the railway line moves in land and no longer disturbs the coastline. San Vito Chietino is the next village and has become a main railway hub, connecting not only from North to South but also in land to Lanciano city. 
The station is 500 meters to the beach and San Vito Chietino is absolutely full of restaurants, ice-cream parlours and patisseries, making it a great place to stop for refreshments, and they are open all year round. Prices for a plate of fresh fish start at Euro 5 (check out Trattoria di mare la piazzetta). The beach is quite short and sandy with shallow water and offers 3 trabocchi, each having had its intended use changed to a restaurant.  A fun location for an Aperitif is Vilma’s Trabocco San Giacomo. There is a small port and peer stretching into the sea, perfect for a walk and in the summer, this village on the beach becomes completely full with tourists and activities.

Hire a canoe at Spiaggia "Maruccio" and check out the Trabocchi from the sea and if you paddle out far enough, you can see the mountains from the sea.
Driving South from San Vito Chietino towards Fossacesia is like a who’s Who of restaurants. 
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
One better than the next for speciality fish cuisine. The views too are just amazing. A very romantic spot with breath taking views is “Promontorio Dannunziano”.  My favourite Trabocco is Punta Cavalluccio, a fantastic experience to eat on a Trabocco, but you will need 3 hours for lunch and 2 hours for Dinner, do not forget to book!
If you have not booked, there is a beach resort and restaurant well worth a visit - Il Cavalluccio Stabilimento Balneare – Ristorante.
A hidden cove, with beautiful turquoise water is “la spiaggia di Calata Turchino”, no services, difficult to park, difficult to reach, but peace and quiet in crystal clear waters

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
A long coastline, mainly pebbles but a couple of meters into the water is sand, full of all kinds of services, restaurants and cafés. The closest beach to Lanciano, and that is where you’ll find me. 
It has become increasingly popular for its nightlife in the summer, for all ages. There are sea view terraces for aperitifs, VIP style beach clubs, kids Discos and indescribable, traditional, line-dancing bars – something for everyone. The beach has a nice promenade and plenty of parking. The beaches can be less protected and the water deeper and cooler in parts.
At the top of the cliffs overlooking the beach, there is the most beautiful Abbey of Saint John in Venus (Abbazia di San Giovanni in Venere) with more views that are amazing and a quaint walk along the cliff’s edge.

Driving south along the SS16 you pass the prestigious boating marina / tourist port, then the River Sangro (great for fishing I’m told) and then the natural Reserve of Lecceta (Riserva Naturale Regionale “Lecceta di Torino di Sangro”). 
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
This reserve is perfect for sea view walks in a forest, which is shaded, cooler with a constant sea breeze.
At the time this article was written, the Via Verde finishes around this point, but it is still being built.

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
Torino Di Sangro
The Lido, or beach, of Torino Di Sangro is nicely serviced and not as popular and busy as the other beaches. I predict it to be the next boom market for development. There is a campsite on the beach “Camping Sun Beach” with a great swimming pool and slides, perfect for children. 
The beach is long with a choice of pebbles and sandy beaches.
Travelling further south you arrive at the Lido Le Morge, a long deep sandy beach with plenty of parking and space, offering free beaches and services. The water is gentle and shallow and in the summer warm and perfect for small children.
The railway line returns to follow the coastline after le Morge.

Casalbordino Beach
A mix of pebbles and sand, the beach is more wilder, with carpets of flowers covering the sand in spring. There are some cafés and services but yet to be fully developed.
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
Punta Aderci
Travelling further south, there is another favourite of mine, the natural reserve beach of Punta Aderci (riserva naturale protetta di Punta Aderci). There are long gentle walks along the sand, walkways, rocky coves, green hills that are just so peaceful, with a cooling sea breeze.

The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
Vasto City
Our tour ends at Vasto. The end of the Trabocco coast line. Vasto is a thriving city located part on the beach and part on the hill top. Full of cafés restaurants and services, sandy beaches and lots of activities. The town on top of the hill is full of history and Italian character and those open sea views.
The Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo
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