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What to do around Lanciano

I'm not a great sportsman, but I love walking. Both the mountains and beach offer excellent walking opportunities. When it is ski season, many peers shoot off down the slopes skiing or snow boarding, but I like to just walk through the snow enjoying the views and warm drinks. That is why I like Passo Lanciano, it is excellent walking terrain. Skiers go for Roccaraso, the third biggest ski resort in Italy, just an hour from Lanciano.

Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo

Again the sea offers many opportunities for others. I like to swim, and do a bit of light aqua-gym in the summer, and walk along the coast with an ice-cream of course. Others like to go snorkeling, diving or play volleyball.

Around the Bomba and Casoli lakes there is hiking, horse riding, fishing, canoeing and rafting, mountain biking and mountain climbing. As you can imagine I go more for the leisurely boat trip followed by a large lunch over-looking the lake. If I'm really feeling sporty I may hire a pedalò.
There are various indoor and outdoor swimming pools around Lanciano, tennis courts and football pitches.
Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo

One of my favourite spectacles is Lanciano's Cathedral. Its entrance is very grandeur and inside the detail and colours are spectacular. It is a huge building. But what really gets me, is it is built on a bridge.

Another locally famous site is the Abbey near Fossacesia, a fifteen minute drive from Lanciano. It is on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic sea. The spot seems to attract ever lasting sun light and warmth. The Abbey is a world class example of gothic architecture, and inside are pretty gardens. In the basement of the Abbey are recently discovered frescos. It helps that a nice fish restaurant neighbours the Abbey making the trip even more pleasurable.
Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo
Surprisingly, only recently, the original city buildings of Lanciano were discovered beneath one of the existing squares. You can visit the site and journey under Lanciano. One of the local Lanciano churches houses the world famous Eucharistic miracle.

If you like castles, then visit Roccascalegna's castle, built on to of a volcanic rock. Very spectacular.

Things to do in Abruzzo
Things to do in Abruzzo

I recommend you take a visit to the castle at Rocca Calascio and have a meal there afterwards. More of a summer activity.

Things to do in Abruzzo

Italians love children which makes it easy to go out with children at any age. They are very family orientated and try to please you whatever you want to do with your children. Children can go to bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs - accompanied of course. If an adult can do it children will probably be doing it too.


Lanciano has two reasonable playgrounds. The best playground is in Fossacesia and caters for a wide age range. There is even room to kick a football about, play hide and seek and cycle with your bike. Most beaches have small play areas for children, the one at San Vito is quite good.

Swimming pools

For small children and aqua-gym there is the 'Sporting' swimming pool in Lanciano. For bigger kids and grown ups, there is 'L'Uliveto' - a much larger pool. L'Uliveto is covered in the winter and then uncovered in the summer. There isn't one swimming pool with a baby and grown up pool.

Just after Lama Dei Peligni towards Palena there is a fun out door swimming pool for the summer. There is another similar out-door pool with a slide at Torino di Sangro, too.

Live music

Italians are lively people and they like to go out at night. Many events and a lot of entertainment is publisized by word of mouth, so it is a good idea to make friends with some local people of the same age.

A lot of pubs and bars have live music nights every week which becomes much more frequent from May to September. These are piano bar style set-ups and can be good fun. You can also get Latin American nights and Karaoke.

In 'Zona Fiera', at the exhibition hall they regularly have folk dancing evenings which is more for the whole family or grown ups. In August they do the same but out-door which is good fun.

Along most of the beaches in the summer period there is a lot going on. Fossacesia, San Vito and Pescara are particularly lively. Again there are bands which play all types of music, discos, pianobars. If you are stuck for something to do in the summer the beach always offers entertainment, no matter what time of the day or night, and it is usually family orientated.

The Polycenter near the Lanciano motorway exit is good for children. There is a bowling alley, a sort of Mexican bar called Gasoline which is quite lively, there is the cinema and usually there are crowds of youngsters window shopping to help pass the time.

A lot of young people just meet at the center of Lanciano and talk and walk and have a drink at a bar before driving to one of the local pubs or go night clubbing in Pescara, and Fossacesia on the beach during the summer.

Other things to do

CINEMA There are two multi screen cinemas in Lanciano

MUSIC There are a lot of pubs and the big bars which often have music nights, dancing evenings, piano bars or karaoke

FOLK DANCING There are folk dancing events all year round, but more common in the summer period

LOCAL FESTIVALS From May to September there are many local festivals, some are quite big events with famous groups

THEATRE The Theatre at Lanciano has plays all year round.

BOWLING There is a bowling alley near the motorway exit at Lanciano


Italian is a beautiful language and a real pleasure to learn. You can mix a holiday with a relaxing language course which can help you understand a lot more about the Italians and life in Lanciano. We organise personalised Italian courses so please let us know what type of needs you have and you will need booking in advance.

If you want to work in a local company it may also be possible. You will need to stay for at least two weeks. It will be unpaid but will give you the opportunity to really understand Italian working life. Italians are great entrepreneurs and creative people and it can be very useful to understand their way of thinking and their very different working techniques.

Things to do in Abruzzo
Day trips around Abruzzo


Thermal Spas


Snow & sport

Tree climbing

Hiking, mountain walks

Program from January to July

Program from August to December

Events in Lanciano

July, August and the first two weeks in September is a very lively period in and around Lanciano. After Ferragosto (15th August), Lanciano begins to really fill up and the silly season takes off in a memorable way. There is something to do or see every night for all ages. The crowds grow and activities get more and more extravagant until the arrival of the main festival from the 14th to the 16th of September, the biggest date in Abruzzo?s social calendar.

Lanciano : Events


From the second week in July, through the whole of August to the first week in September

Daily activities for all the family. For the program look at www.comune.lanciano.chieti.it

The whole of August

?L'Estate Musicale Frentana? daily musical concerts on an International level held around Lanciano. This event attracts large numbers of international musicals and appeals to music lovers (classical, jazz, opera)

Summer period

For cabaret dates for 2008 check out the site www.FestivalNazionaledelCabaret.it

Il Festival Nazionale del Cabaret

31 August

St. Egidio?s toy Fair, a children?s and romantic?s flee market


First weekend in September

Inter-quarter contest for the Mastrogiurato

The following day

Historical re-enactment of the Mastrogiurato including fire eaters, sword fighting and competitions

8 September at 10.00

?Il Dono? ? local farmer?s auction goods they donate for charity. There is also a procession of traditional farming

14-16 September

Spectacular festival at the centre of Lanciano. It starts at 4.00 am and continues for three days. Lots of music, games, stalls and fireworks. Let?s not forget the horse racing at the center of Lanciano



Children?s exhibition (Fierabilandia)



Agricultural feed Exhibition (Fiera Agroalimentare)

23 December

Local Lanciano procession call ?La Squilla?



Wedding exhibition (Fiera Sposiamoci)

17 January

St. Antonio?s play. Most quarters and surrounding villages put on a re-enactment of the story of St. Antonio in the form of a play in dialect



Motor Show (Fiera Route & Motori show)

3 February

Festival of San Biagio. On this day you traditionally get your throat blessed at a local church (San Biagio)

Shrove Tuesday

Carnival starts. Children run through the streets and play tricks on un-suspecting adults and peers. In Pescara and Francavilla there are processions of floats / dressed up trucks.


Holy week

an important period for Lanciano

Easter Friday at 7.00 pm

Procession at the centre of Lanciano (starting at the church of St. Chiara)

Easter Sunday mid-day

Procession starting at the Cathedral

Easter Monday

Traditional trip out of Lanciano usually into the countryside

Tuesday at mid-day

Procession around the Cathedral

During the month

National Agricultural Fair 'La Fiera Nazionale dell'Agricoltura'



Living today Exhibition (Fiera Abitare Oggi)


A cause for celebration, dancing and eating and drinking too much with the locals. Some festivals are small traditional affairs with a local folk band and food, others like the Lanciano festival are three days of music, fun fairs, processions and fireworks. The Lanciano festival is an attraction for thousands to visit the city and see something unique. The Lanciano festival starts with a four o?clock firework display (am, not pm). The fireworks last about half an hour. You will be surprised how many locals of all ages are out to witness the opening of the festival.

A moving religious festival occurs at the Holy week when a local volunteer from each parish drags a life size crucifix through the streets bare foot. Following him are other people from the parish singing carols. It is a great honour to play the part of Jesus.

At the end of August in Lanciano there is an amazing medieval re-enactment including a long procession in costume, with load drumming and trumpet fanfares. The finale is a competition of strength, sword fighting and fire eaters. Of course, more fireworks.

One thing is guaranteed, you will not get bored.

At Pretoro I witnessed something I was sure would be a terrible experience, the ... snake festival. It actually cured any fears I had towards snakes and helped me understand them. The villagers go out into the hills the morning of the festival and catch as many snakes as they can find. They then walk about the streets with them around their bodies ? wild snakes!! But there are very few bites or problems, nobody gets hurt, and before you know it you are having your picture taken with a local snake. If you have a fear of snakes, I suggest you try it out, it will either cure you or send you mad.

Some of the local festivals are quite spectacular. Lanciano is great for the massive diversity of activities over such a long period. At Fara San Martino they let off fireworks with the mountain as a backdrop. At San Vito they have a firework display in the sea.


Aprox. date


First week in May

Artichoke festival in Cupello

31 May

Festival / auction of typical products at Torino di Sangro


28 ? 30th June

Guardiagrele (Ch) ? Wild bore festival


13 July

Re-enactment of the Saracens attack in Villamagna

In July

Festival in Treglio

In July

Ham and Melon festival in Mozzagrogna

In July

Arrosticini (type of kebab) festival Cupello

First week in July

Show from the different quarters Cupello

28 July

Show from the quarter Cupello

22-25 July

Festival in Tollo

22-25 July

Housewife?s festival in Frisa

29-30 July

Festival in Vacri

End of July

Festival of fried fish at Fossacesia

End of July

Fisherman?s festival at Casacanditella

End of July beginning of August

Wine festival at San Martino sulla Marruccina

End of July

Lamb festival at Pizzoferrato


First week in August

Festival in Montazzoli

In August

Cake and biscuits Festival in Mozzagrogna

First Saturday in August

Pork festival in Carpineto Sinello (Ch)

First weekend in August

Wine, music and poetry festival in Canosa Sannita

Beginning of August

Festival at Tufillo

Beginning of August

Festival at Palombaro

Beginning of August

Traditional food festival in Tollo

First two weeks in August

Wild bore festival at Pennapiedimonte

3-7 August

Festival in Miglianico

First three weeks of August

Local craftsman show in Guardiagrele

4-7 August

Farmer?s festival in Monte Marcone di Atessa

5-6 August

Pasta festival in Vasto

5-7 August

Good food festival at Crecchio

6-7 August

Biscuit and wine festival at Casalbordino

6-7 August

Festival at Roccamontepiano

7 August

Pasta and hunter?s festival Pennadomo

9-11 August

Festival at Pretoro

9-10 August

Good food festival at Pollutri

10 August

Festival at San Giovanni Lipioni

10-14 August

Sausage festival at Serre a small village near Lanciano

10-15 August

Pasta festival at Pennadomo

10-11 August

Festival at Carunchio

10-12 August

Typical foods festival at Rocca San Giovanni

11-15 August

Beer and potato festival at Pizzoferrato

12-17 August

Festival at Casoli

11-13 August

Beer festival at Castiglione Messer Marino

11-13 August

Fried pizza festival Rapino

12 August

Countryside and walkers festival at Guilmi

12 August

Wine festival in Vasto

13 August

Pork festival at Lentella

13-15 August

Sheep?s cheese festival at Palena

14 August

Pasta festival at Montebello sul Sangro

14 August

Festival at Guilmi

14 August

Truffle festival at Torrebruna

14 August

Festival at Miglianico

Middle of August

Sheep festival in Furci

15 August

Ferragosto ? Major bank holiday

15 August

Grilled lamb festival at Roccaspinalveti

18-19 August

Festival at Cupello

19-20 August

Rocca San Giovanni Jazz festival ? for information wolpe@katamail.com

20-21 August

Pasta festival at Fara San Martino

20-21 August

Gnomes festival at Piana delle Mele - Guardiagrele

20-21 August

Truffles festival at Quadri

21 August

Pizza Festival Civitella Messer Ramondo

26-27 August

Pizza festival at Pianibbie small village near Casoli

Last week in August

Festival of Vacri

31 August

Festival at Pretoro

End of August

Festival of Arrosticini (type of kebab)

End of August

Farmer?s festival Civitaluparella



Festival of the grape and the wine in Giuliano Teatino

First or second week in September

Grape festival in Mozzagrogna

3-4 September

Pork festival at Vacri

10 ? 12 September

Mountain walk and festival in Castiglione Messer Marino

11 September

A gincana western at Vacri

24-25 September

Display and market of honey at Tornareccio

In the month of September

?Cooked wine? festival at Roccamontepiano


8-9 October

Festival of cooks at Villa Santa Maria

15-16 October

Festival at San Giovanni Lipioni


4 November

Roccamontepiano Sagra della Castagna ? chestnut festival.

15 - 16 November

Treglio Festa del Vino Novello. ? New wine festival

End of November

Caldari - Ortona wine festival


First Saturday in December

Carunchio ?White Truffle? festival

First Saturday in December

Pollutri ? Bean festival

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