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Every season and every month has something new to offer, sun kissed beaches, mountain skiing, wine, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, religious ceremonies, festivals but most of all welcoming people and Italian charm.  
Under the Abruzzo sun
Under the Abruzzo sun
The proximity between the beaches and the mountains makes for a breathtaking landscape. Green, lush valleys, the trabocco coastline and majestic mountains offer a variety of distractions from a daily routine, yet around every corner finer examples of views, ever more breathtaking.

The countryside awash with vines and olives, villages teaming with historic Italian charm, welcoming smiles and curiosity from the locals. The food simple and fresh. the moment has come for you to visit and holiday in Abruzzo, Central Italy :-)
Under the Abruzzo sun
Under the Abruzzo sun
Food becomes a familiar theme. Fresh, delicious and simple cuisine dominates, accompanied with local wine, and brought to a close with a shot of warm coffee and lemon liquor. 
 The subsequent -passeggiata- amongst the elegance and pride of the locals is almost uncivilized without a smidgen of home made ice-cream on a wafer cone. 

 The kind and determined (forte e gentile) nature of a typical Abruzzi has been molded by their deep respect for tradition and culture. All generations participate together in farming, social and family activities. 
Under the Abruzzo sun
The generation gap promotes respect to the elders and equal participation from the youngsters. The streets are safe, crime is rare and binge drinking unheard of.
Abruzzi know how to live and they do it so well. Their towns and cities are focal points to a host of festivals and celebrations, some with the strangest of origins, and often kept alive because it's just so much fun. The eventful social calendars are fuller through the summer period where it seems every evening somebody is letting off a fabulous firework display. 
Don't forget the other months, however, for some really spectacular shows that will stop you in your tracks. 
Under the Abruzzo sun
Once the long summer is over the weather changes and the mountains fill with snow. When winter finally comes, the fun starts again when the skiing season kicks-off. It doesn-t have to be hard work though, walking through the fresh snow, sipping hot chocolates can be what it-s all about.
The big problem with Abruzzo is going back home. I gave in to that pain, and I now call Abruzzo home. 
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2 months in Abruzzo
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