Holidays and Property in Abruzzo

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Every season and every month has something new, wine, oil, fruits, vegetables, religious ceremonies, festivals but most of all welcoming people and a warm, sunny climate.  
Abruzzo Entertains All Year Round
Abruzzo is a region in central Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea with mountains 3000meters high. Green, lush valleys, sun-baked
beaches and majestic mountains offer a variety of distractions from a daily routine throughout the year. The countryside awash with vines and olives, villages teaming with historic Italian charm, welcoming smiles and curiosity from the locals. The food simple and fresh.
A Holiday Experience
With sun, beaches and mountains, coupled with Italian villages and great food, the moment has come to visit and holiday in Abruzzo. We can organize your holiday accommodation . Near the beach for the summer, perhaps, in an beach apartment a spacious beach Villa or the idea of a lively community in a mediaeval center town house , another option is in the national parks, a house in the mountains for pure peace and relaxation. With the mountains and sea there is no end to the activities and day trips on offer.  
Settling In With The Locals
Italy is very much about the food so why not learn how to cook Italian food
, and the history behind the dishes, you may want to learn the language . We can show you where to shop, the best brands for true Abruzzo food, for your leather goods, which restaurants and wines are better, keep you updated with events via our Facebook page, where to go for a day trip , more exciting activities like tree climbing, rafting and canoeing, and options for weekend breaks like Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Tremiti Islands, Perugia and Assisi .   
Buying A Holiday Home
After a holiday, there is no going back. The attraction of Abruzzo will be too strong , and it is time to find your own place in the central Italian sun. We will help you find your perfect holiday home to buy . There is a wide choice of property, surprisingly affordable and we can help you through all of the buying procedure . You may already have a property in mind, so we can support you anyway through this process as independent advisers. An option is to buy a piece of land and construct a wooden house on top. Once you buy your house we will help you renovate and restructure your home, and maintain it through the years. You may wish to earn money from it while it is empty so we can add solar panels on the roof. We can manage and rent the house for you and to make it more attractive we can add a swimming pool in the garden.   
Something Unique
Enjoy both a summer beach season and a winter skiing season. There are some idyllic and ancient towns like Lanciano located 15 minutes to the beach or Atessa with a maze of old streets on top of a cliff face and Casoli perched on top of a high hill with a 14th century church and castle overlooking the valley.  

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