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Lanciano,Abruzzo Lanciano,Abruzzo Lanciano,Abruzzo Lanciano,Abruzzo Lanciano,Abruzzo Lanciano,Abruzzo

Lanciano, Chieti Province,

Abruzzo, Central Italy

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275 meters above sea level.

Size; 66 km▓

Population of 36,304

15 minutes drive to the beach

Distance to next town;

45 minutes drive to Pescara

25 minutes drive to Lake Bomba

60 minutes drive to Ski resorts

Lanciano is a small and beautiful town of ancient origins, with about 40.000 inhabitants, that is situated in the Frentano Subappeninnes. It preserves the remnants of the ancient medieval walls. The flourishing trade sectors are those of the agricultural products and of the textile, chemical, food and shoe industries. Sheep-breeding and agriculture have developed a lot too.
The ancient Roman name of Lanciano was Anxanum, a city of the Frentani Italic tribe. The city is said to have been founded in 1181 BC by Solimus, a Trojan refugee arrived in Italy along with Aeneas. Legends aside, archaeological findings have shown that the area was settled from the 5th millennium BC. Under the Frentani it was probably under the influence of Greater Greece. After the end of the Samnite Wars, which saw the Frentani allied with the Romans, Lancianum obtained the status of municipium. It was probably a flourishing commercial site, across an ancient and important trade route connecting Pescara to Apulia. According to tradition, Lanciano is also the birthplace of Longinus the Roman centurion who thrust his spear into Jesus' side during the Crucifixion: Lanciano in Italian means "of the Spear"
About Lanciano Property in Lanciano Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
Lanciano is situated on the hills of Sangro Valley and it has very old origins: the archaeological finds present here date back even to the Neolithic period and the latest excavations have dug out the remnants of the ancient Anxanum, a big twelfth century B.C. living structure, which is among the oldest ones in Abruzzo.
Anxanum is also mentioned by Julius Caesar as a Roman station. From 1154 on, the town was called Lanzano, and the suburbs of Lancianovecchia, Sacca sul Colle della Seiva, Civitanova and Borgo sul Colle Pietroso took shape. Lanciano reached its maximum splendour between the twelfth and the fifteenth centuries, thanks to the development of the Fairs, the Roman ?Nundinae?, which were held in the first months of the year on the Selva Hill, where the Temple dedicated to Apollo stood. After the medieval period, these fairs had a big development, that achieved its highest point in the fifteenth century.
Abruzzo Central Italy, Lanciano Abruzzo , centro Italia Centro Italia Abruzzo
Merchants from all over the world reached the fairs and there were very frequent exchanges with Venice and Ragusa. Unfortunately, the first signs of crisis began exactly in the period of maximum development of the town, due to the fights between French and Spaniards, that undermined the growth of the town itself. This is the reason why Ferdinand of Aragon, in 1515, stated with an edict that the merchants of any provenance and of any religion had to be protected and be ?safe and secure? for all the period of the fairs.
Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
In fact, during the fairs, people elected the Mastrogiurato (a juryman), who had to make everyone respect the Fair Peace. In the seventeenth century, King Philip abolished this privilege for the merchants and caused a gradual decay of the town. In the seventeenth century, Lanciano became a feud of Duke Alessandro Pallavicino and later of Marquis d-Avalos del Vasto. In the 20th century, the inhabited area became bigger and Lanciano participated in the Second World War.
Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
Today Lanciano is a well known fair centre, which is recognized on a national and international scale. Lanciano is also the town of the first Eucharistic Miracle recognized by the Church, that took place in the seventh century.
The airport that you can keep as a reference is Abruzzo Airport, situated 39 km away from Pescara, with flights from and to Turin, Milan and Rome and links to the most important European capitals. Of course, once you have arrived in Abruzzo, we advice you to reach Lanciano by car, since you can rent one at the airport.
The motorway for you to keep as a reference is the A14 Bologna-Bari, that leads you directly to Lanciano (exit sign San Vito-Lanciano).
Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo

Basilica della Madonna del Ponte

The main church in Lanciano is the one dedicated to the madonna del ponte (of the bridge) - and the name comes from a simple yet bizarre fact: this church is built on top of the arches of the Diocletian bridge - because there, it is said, someone had found a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary. It started as a small chapel, it ended up throughout the centuries as the biggest church in town. It is now in neoclassic style. It is possible to visit the church and if you-re lucky its subterranean part, from there you will be able to see the famous bridge upon which it is built.

Santa Maria Maggiore

It is considered one of the most important monuments of Abruzzo. Built in 1227 following the principles of Burgundy - Cistercian in 1540 was extensively remodeled in the style of baroque (with the addition of two aisles and stucco work and decorations). In 1968 a restoration brought it back to the original structure. Are artistically significant fašade, the main portal (added in 1317 ) and the small side door. The interior has been restored to the simplicity of the lines of Gothic Burgundy, with three naves divided by columns and surmounted by agile vaults.

Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
Monumento ai caduti

This monument, dedicated to the people who gave their life for freedom, is located just off piazza Plebiscito. It is in particular dedicated to the local partisans who lost their lives on 5th and 6th of October 1943, during the Lanciano revolt. The statue at the centre of the monument symbolizes a dying young man, comforted in his last minutes of life, by his mother.

Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
Chiesa di San Francesco

The Church has San Francesco (Saint Francis) dates back to 1258 and it is controversially famous for what is called "Eucharistic Miracle", which occurred for the first time in the Church of San Legonziano, which was previously in this location. The miracle took place in the 8th century: during a holy mass the host was changed into live flesh and the wine was changed into 5 globules of live blood you can now seen them displayed in the main altar you can see the relics of the Eucharistic Miracle

Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy Costa Dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy in Abruzzo
The town hall

One of the most beautiful buildings in Lanciano, just off Piazza Plebiscito, is the town hall - a large neo-classical building dating back to 1867. The attached tower is the medieval tower of Cassero.
Inside the town hall, upstairs (basically on the top floor, just below the roof) you can find an interesting museum, the civic museum where you can learn all about the old trades and traditions of Lanciano

Car rentals

If you prefer travelling by train, you can reach San Vito-Lanciano station thanks to the Milano-Lecce line.


Bar micolucci
Bar La colomba
Bar micro
Bar La gardenia
Bar piccadilly
Bar belvedere
Bar caffe percaso

Hotel castello
Palazzo Franchi bardavi
Restorante taverna Bed & breakfast
Hotel Restorante La furnacelle
Restorante Villa Elena
Restorante pizzeria La Torre

Theatre Fenaroli
Property for sale in Lanciano
Euro 37,000 AHILAOS437

House,countryside,semi-detached,2 bed,garage,to renovate

Euro 59,000 AHILAOS124

House,city center, semi-detached,2 beds,garden,to renovate

Euro 60,000 AHILAOL138

House + 4500sqm land,countryside,detached,2 beds,ruin

Euro 115,000 AHILAOT137

House,town,3 beds,terrace,to renovate

Euro 125,000 AHILAOT133

House,town,terraced,2 beds,balconies,finished

Euro 165,000 AHILAOD107

House,countryside,detached,4 beds,garden,to modernise


Events in Lanciano

July, August and the first two weeks in September is a very lively period in and around Lanciano. After Ferragosto (15th August), Lanciano begins to really fill up and the silly season takes off in a memorable way. There is something to do or see every night for all ages. The crowds grow and activities get more and more extravagant until the arrival of the main festival from the 14th to the 16th of September, the biggest date in Abruzzo?s social calendar.

Lanciano : Events


From the second week in July, through the whole of August to the first week in September

Daily activities for all the family. For the program look at www.comune.lanciano.chieti.it

The whole of August

?L'Estate Musicale Frentana? daily musical concerts on an International level held around Lanciano. This event attracts large numbers of international musicals and appeals to music lovers (classical, jazz, opera)

Summer period

For cabaret dates for 2008 check out the site www.FestivalNazionaledelCabaret.it

Il Festival Nazionale del Cabaret

31 August

St. Egidio?s toy Fair, a children?s and romantic?s flee market


First weekend in September

Inter-quarter contest for the Mastrogiurato

The following day

Historical re-enactment of the Mastrogiurato including fire eaters, sword fighting and competitions

8 September at 10.00

?Il Dono? ? local farmer?s auction goods they donate for charity. There is also a procession of traditional farming

14-16 September

Spectacular festival at the centre of Lanciano. It starts at 4.00 am and continues for three days. Lots of music, games, stalls and fireworks. Let?s not forget the horse racing at the center of Lanciano



Children?s exhibition (Fierabilandia)



Agricultural feed Exhibition (Fiera Agroalimentare)

23 December

Local Lanciano procession call ?La Squilla?



Wedding exhibition (Fiera Sposiamoci)

17 January

St. Antonio?s play. Most quarters and surrounding villages put on a re-enactment of the story of St. Antonio in the form of a play in dialect



Motor Show (Fiera Route & Motori show)

3 February

Festival of San Biagio. On this day you traditionally get your throat blessed at a local church (San Biagio)

Shrove Tuesday

Carnival starts. Children run through the streets and play tricks on un-suspecting adults and peers. In Pescara and Francavilla there are processions of floats / dressed up trucks.


Holy week

an important period for Lanciano

Easter Friday at 7.00 pm

Procession at the centre of Lanciano (starting at the church of St. Chiara)

Easter Sunday mid-day

Procession starting at the Cathedral

Easter Monday

Traditional trip out of Lanciano usually into the countryside

Tuesday at mid-day

Procession around the Cathedral

During the month

National Agricultural Fair 'La Fiera Nazionale dell'Agricoltura'



Living today Exhibition (Fiera Abitare Oggi)