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Eating on a Trabocchi
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Trabocco Punta Cavalluccio - Eating at a Trabocchi
-The machine seemed to live its own life, to have an air and a semblance of a living body. The wood had been exposed for ages to the sun, to the rain, to gusts of wind and now manifested its veins..... it flaked, it was worn, it was as white as shinbone or as polished as silver or as grey as flint, gaining a distinctive impression like that of a person on whom old age and suffering had completed their cruel work.-
Gabriele D'Annunzio, Italian Poet

At first glance you might mistake the Trabocchi as being some flimsy wooden pier on the coast line, but on closer inspection they are so much more. The beauty of their simplistic wooden structure which has endured over a century bathing in the Adriatic Sea is simply breathtaking. They are originally and primarily used by fishermen, by lowering the large meshed nets and using the intricate pulley system, rising the net when they are full of fish.
Perhaps the largest and most important of the Trabocchi is situated on the Rocca San Giovanni coastline, the restaurant -Trabocco Punta Cavalluccio- sources its set menu from the daily catch of the Trobocco. Its traditional food can include mouth watering stuffed mussels to delicious octopus salad. The meal begins with a lavish appetizer, either raw, pickled or hot seafood, which may seem sufficient as a meal on its own, but they are the leader to first course pasta dishes with fish based sauces. The penultimate dish is the unbelievably tasty fried mixed fish platter, finishing off with fruit and sweets. Not only do you get to enjoy a meal to rival that of any great restaurant. But you do so whilst looking out at the beautiful Adriatic coastline, watching the sun set, covering the sea in a golden glow creating a magical, mythical experience.