Burning hay columns one winter's evening around Lanciano in Abruzzo. Day trips, activities and tourist Information for Lanciano Abruzzo Central Italy


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Burning hay columns one winter's evening

Fara Filiorum Petri and 'le farchie'.
Around the 15th January every year, there is a striking celebration, lasting several days. The build up starts with the different quarters competing against each other with various offerings as the main festival is prepared. The highlight is a final procession taking bound-hay-columns 'le farchie' , of around 20 foot tall, to the main square and then burning these columns whiles local people and spectators sing, eat and are merry around the dozen or so fires. You really feel part of this re-enactment of how the town avoided an attack in Roman times by burning the hay and making a lot of noise so the on-coming army thought the town had already been conquered.